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When Is the Next Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale?

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It’s the event that everyone waits for—the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale. Shoppers love it because the retailer offers spectacular prices on everything from bras to activewear both online and in stores. The next one is here. Here’s everything you need to know to take full advantage of this must-shop sale.

When Is the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale Happening?

  • Summer sale: Happened June 4 through June 18
  • Winter sale: December 29, 2018 – January 15, 2019 (our prediction based on last year’s dates)

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The dates for the adored sale change slightly every year, but the summer sale typically overlaps June and July, with the winter sale happening after the holidays in late December and early January. Keep your eyes on Victoria’s Secret’s Facebook and Twitter feed to lock down the dates and get them in your calendar. The Victoria’s Secret website will also reveal the dates as the sale draws near.

How Long Does the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale Last?

It’s a sad thing, but the sale only lasts about a couple of weeks—and everything is majorly picked over as you get closer to the end date. Pay attention, and don’t let it slip by without grabbing all the goodies you want!

What Can You Expect From the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale?

Look for amazing discounts of 25% to 60% off on over 1,400 styles of your favorite bras, clothes and panties. We’re talking bras as low as $9.99 and underwear as low as $3.99, beauty as low as $4.99 and sport styles starting from $12.99. The most popular bra styles are 25% off, and sleepwear starts at $14.99.

You might be tempted to go crazy shopping the second the sale opens, but if you can be patient, you’ll find discounts deepen as the sale nears its end. Look for Victoria’s Secret couponsdiscount eGift cards and special offers that add up for even bigger discounts.

Tips for Getting the Absolute Most out of the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale

1. Look for deals on multiples. Often, Victoria’s Secret offers BOGO deals and other specials if you several pairs of panties or bras. For instance, we’ve gotten five panties for $15. Go ahead and buy—you know you’re going to use them!

2. Try something new. Of course, we all love the chance to stock up on our favorites, but when prices are this low, it’s the perfect opportunity to stretch your wings and try a new style or color. Don’t forget that Victoria’s Secret also sells nightwear, swimwear (but not for long) and yoga clothes, so take advantage of the sale to expand your wardrobe.

3. Shop online. The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale takes place both in the stores and online, but shopping online is the place to beat the crowds. In addition, your local Victoria’s Secret might be sold out of your size, meaning you wasted a trip to the store. One more bonus of shopping online: You can take advantage of exclusive discounts and promotional codes! For example, always look for free shipping codes and stack that with a free gift and promo code.

4. Think ahead for gifts. Are you going to weddings or bridal showers this summer? The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale is the perfect time to grab gifts without hurting your wallet. And remember: Aside from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the summertime sale is one of the last big ones Victoria’s Secret will have until after Christmas.

5. Pick up an Angel Card. If you have a Victoria’s Secret Angel Card, you often get early access to the Semi-Annual Sale, both in stores and online. Get your Angel Card now, so you get inside information. This is especially great if you have a hard-to-find size or are looking for a very specific piece of lingerie. The card also comes with birthday perks, free shipping on orders containing bras and exclusive shopping rewards.


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